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User’s privacy and content are frequently breached when service providers sell behavioural data to advertising, while centralised communication networks built on private servers are only as safe as their weakest defence. Our SECURIPOP is an open source concept constructed for communication platforms to benefit from decentralised blockchain technology at minimal cost. We believe that it will be the solution to the modern problems in the communication business. Any existing or future communication platform that incorporates the SECURIPOP will theoretically be able to exchange content across previously isolated privatised applications, increase user privacy by developing monetisation strategies that are not dependent on their behavioural data, encourage user participation through the use of tokens, and provide stronger network security. It is our believe that SECURIPOP can address the persistent difficulties affecting the existing communication sector and will become the future standard for communication platforms.


Currently, it appears as though no conversation or financial transaction is private or secure. Recent technological advancements have fundamentally altered the concept of creased the value of collected data, accelerated data collection efforts, and sparked debates about the role of third parties, the degree of user involvement in privacy settings, and the commercialisation of user data. Nevertheless, consumers are oftenuninformed of the hazards and potential misuse of private data by internet marketers when they decide to share it or to talk online.

Data Privacy

Regarding mobile apps, the exposure of user data is complemented with rich data generated on the device, user location, and contact list – as well as other data that continuously monitor users' activities. It's nearlyimpossible to use a mobile messaging app without exposing our most private messages across public networks and entrusting them to the servers of the firms who operate them. From there, our texts and emails, as well as images and video recordings, are subjectedto sophisticated algorithms designed solely to generate profit for businesses.

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